Cabify has announced this prepares service for motorcycles and electric scooters (or scooters) for Mexico City. The new service it will come through the Movo brand and will follow the same strategy implemented in Spain at the end of 2018.

This was stated by Ramón Escobar, general manager of Cabify in Mexico the service will be executed in the first quarter of 2019, although he did not offer the exact date. According to the newspaper El Financiero, Escobar points out that since last year they have been working to build a platform that offers alternatives such as electric scooters or motorcycles.

Although there is no detail about his work, We can think it will be very similar to what we see in SpainTo use Movo, you need to download an application for your mobile phone, book the scooter and unlock it with a QR code. For motorcycles there is a further step in which you will need to validate your driving license.

Cabify already has a competition in Mexico

Cabify arrives late at the party in Mexico. There are three services that offer rental of scooters in the city: Bird, Grin and Lime, the latter being associated with Uber.

The Spanish company has the challenge to offer better costs and benefits in hiring scooters as well as greater availability. Of the three existing services in Mexico, Limestone is more aggressive in its expansion, The US has launched plans to invest $ 10 million to expand more cities in the country.

more the area of ​​possibilities for Cabify is the fuel crisis that Mexico is going through Now. Not long ago the use of scooters jumped due to the shortage of gasoline in different cities.

Users have seen electric scooter as an option to avoid long lines at service stations, The same Alexander Villend, Lime CEO, confirmed that they had a 30% increase in scooter use due to this situation.

Cabify's offer will not be exclusive to Mexico, as it plans to expand in Chile, Colombia and Peru.