Tuesday , June 15 2021

Cabinet for electric scooters and motorcycles in Mexico

Cabify has decided to increase its customers' capabilities and will now offer electric scooter and motorcycle services in Mexican territory.

Cabify announced this soon his new ecological transport service will arrive in Mexico, which will be possible thanks to its own brand Movo,

By increasing demand scooters and electric motorcycles in Mexico, Cabify will offer its offer in the first quarter of the current year, just as it is already happening in Spain.

Tell the scooters

Although there were no specifications on how the service will work, we can know that at least in Spain it works When you book your car before using it, too scooter or motorcycle and then unlock it using a QR code.

It's as simple as other applications that offer electric motorcycle services, You must have a license to drive these vehicles. Before using the motorcycle, your license must be validated.

Tell the scooters

So if everything goes well, we will have a new green transport offer this year, a service that will join existing platforms such as Bird, Grin and Lime, who were favored during the Mexican gas shortage crisis, a crisis in which people began to use this mode of transport because the loading of gasoline was basically impossible.

As soon as we have more news about prices and date of issue will be sent to them.

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