Sunday , June 20 2021

Captain Marvel stars in the new progress of the Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Atomix

The big screen will not be the only place we can see Captain Marvel this year we can accept it everywhere thanks to its portability Nintendo SwitchAs announced a few months ago, the series of Marvel Ultimate Alliance returns exclusively to the hybrid console.

The first titles in the series were very well received by comic fans and tactical RPGs. You can create teams with the characters you unlock and use their skills to overcome obstacles and multiple enemies.

You can play online while you have a console subscription, or if you have three other friends in the game, they can play on the spot. There will also be a new camera angle that will get us closer to the action.

In the game we will encounter Tanos and the Black Order using virtually all the characters from Marvel's cinema-making, taking advantage of the premiere of the next films.

There is no exit date yet, but will be released in the summer of the same year. And do not forget that the game is not announced on other platforms.

Source: Nintendo

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