Tuesday , January 19 2021

Carabineros performs an operation after an explosion at a bank branch at Escuela Militar

Earlier this morning, Karabinero deployed an operation at the BancoEstado branch, located in Avo Apoquindo 4660, in the military schools sector in Las Condes.

According to the preliminary reports of Carabinero's staff, this would be a simple robbery of the ATMs in the premises, in which a kind of explosive device would be used.

"UThe Carabineros Service Team found that Bangkok's branch exploded, so when they arrive, they realize that it is obviously a confused bank robbery, "said Colonel Juan Estai of the Santiago Andes Prefecture.

Of course, given that the two floating money that is on the spot is not detrimental, it should be cleared if this could be an attack. For this we will try to determine if there are cameras in place that can give details of what happened.

The Mayor Joaquin Lavin, who also appeared on the site, explained that there would be two hoods involved in the incident who detonated a "mini bottle in the backpack and sprayed cashiers with an accelerating liquid that detonates, but eventually steals."

In the framework of this operation, the surrounding facilities were inspected in search of other elements. In addition, police officers have installed a security perimeter to protect Karabinero and Lapop Gopes personnel on site and on site.

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