Sunday , June 13 2021

Carahue is out of control: forest fires in the regions are more than 30 and threaten national citizenship

A series of forest fires have affected the regions of Chile this weekend, with a total of 108 reported, 36 assets, 50 controlled and 22 extinguished.

At the moment, the most complex situation is concentrated Carahue, La Araucanía region, where it is located The coward threatens to reach homes, which are the most difficult to control.

According to La Tercera, the National Emergency Service (Onemi) reported this four houses, a school, and a social staff were swallowed up by the flames, in addition to a house whose damages are valued.

Transfer Carahue
Transfer Carahue

According to witnesses reported by social networks, the forest fire is uncontrolled and "devastates everything on its way".

According to information from the mayor of La Araucanía, Jorge Atton, there are eleven airplanes.

In this sense, in a conversation with Radio Bio Bio, Mayor of Karahay, Alejandro Saes, said they were fighting the emergency "with machines, fire, municipal equipment, so we call people tranquility. "

Other fires

Similarly, other municipalities are affected in La Araucanía, including: Temuco, Freire, Chocol, Nueva Imperial and Pucón. While in Los Rios, active centers are maintained in Panguipulli, Valdivia, La Unión and Mariquina.

In Los Lagos, the municipalities affected by these incidents will be Puerto Montt, Ancud and Futuleufu, an area in which Onemi ruled. Red warning the night of this Sunday.

Meanwhile, only one forest fire called "Quilapalos" in Quilaco remains active in Bio Bio.

Finally, in the area of ​​the river, the emergency situations continue in Quirihue and Yungay.

In order to deal with emergencies, there are 22 air units in the La Araucanía area and 38 civilian and military brigades.

It has been reported that the total hectares absorbed by the flames, they reach more than 2,000.

Region: uble: Quirihue and Yungay, with 10 hectares.
Bio Bio region: Mulchén, 500 hectares.
La Araucanía Region: Galvarino, 300 hectares; Cholchol, 500 hectares; Carahue, 400 hectares.
Los Lagos Region: Osorno, 60 hectares.
Los Rios: Panguipulli, Valdivia, La Unión and Mariquina, about 300 hectares.

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