Sunday , January 17 2021


Employer to Carabinero in retirement repelled the night of this Friday a portonazo that they try to make three themes in their home, with his weapon "registered and authorized".

For now, the incident that happened in Pedro Aguer Serda has been investigated, but for now there are no detainees.

Event information was released by the detective Fabian Donos Hernandez, who noted that "this is an intimidating robbery, a portono regime, but it's disappointed." When she arrives at her home, the exonoform is captured by a white van from where three people with a firearm descended. The former employee used his weapon to repel the attack.

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He added immediately to conclude that "we still do not know if it was injured or deceased, but the participants in the robbery were wearing hoods that covered half of their face, So far there are no detained. "

PDI is looking at the various healthcare facilities in the country if there are patients who are injured by bullets, to determine your participation in the event.

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