Wednesday , July 28 2021

Carola de Moras attacked Maria Luiza Godoy and Tonka Tomicic, but was called a "pickaxe"

This Sunday began the 60th version of the Vina Del Mar Festival. In this case, Martin Carcamo and Maria Luisa Godoy debuted as animators of the competition.

Of course, his driving has caused split views. There were also those who praised the work of the communicators, while others more critical did not make mistakes on the faces of Canal 13 and TVN.

This is the case with Carola de Morales, who was invited from the morning "Mucho Gusto", she gave her opinion on the work of the animators.

Carola de Moras with everything against Maria Luisa Godoy

Recall that the model has been part of the Rafael Araneda event for five years, so he decides to present his vision of his heirs.

– I would start with overture, I think they tried to do it differently because they have a different rudder. The overture was very intimate, sensitive because they were bolero. There was no fire, so the animators came very cold and in their speech they tried to say a lot in a short time, "he began to comment.

"It happened to me that I would see the rehearsals of overture and my hair stood up, it was spectacular (…) I would do the opposite, prepare the scene. With this animator's speech it made more sense, "De Moras explained.

In turn, he referred to the political discourse presented by Carcamo and Godoy in the beginning. "It happened to me that it was like" well, how nice to be here, I'm super proud, how nice it is. "You really feel it, but I do not know if you verbalize it but you feel it But yesterday I missed" Wine, Goodnight America. "I missed it," he said.

He also criticized that the animators of the contest were talking to the public in advertising.

Holiday dresses according to Carola de Morales

As for the look we saw these days, the former cheerleader of the festival did not criticize criticism of Maria Luisa Godoy. That, then, assured her that she had to go through the gala evening with the dress she wore at Quinta Vergara. The reason? low lighting was not beneficial for clothing.

He also mentioned the dress worn by Tonka Tomicic during the gala. "Suddenly there is a search I see is no longer in Tonka. She is so sure in the first place when she has already lost that victory. It had to look beautiful, I knew I would look nice, "he began.

"I have never loved red and black, especially like the cabaret, I find it a Moulin Rouge," De Morales said.

Clarifying that "I think it looks great, beautiful. I do not really like the dress, I like it. Let's also understand something, not to be serious if you say that a dress you do not like does not mean you do not like or dislike it.

Social networks, for their part, did not wait, commenting on the poor way the model applied to their peers.

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