Friday , May 7 2021

Carroll Kariola surprised by concealing the character of Instagram's "Game of Thrones" Exhibitions and culture

Carroll Kariola surprised with a suit of character

The deputy of the PC disguised himself as the hero of "Daenerys Targaryen". Tvn


Fans of the series "Torres Games" the number of days for the premiere of the new season, some with marathons from the previous chapters, while others are disguised as some character, as the MP did Carol Carriolawho personify Daenerys Targaryen for a suit.

A Communist MP was published in her Instagram a series of photos that showed it as a "GOT" character, using the typical white wig from "The Dragon Queen"In the picture he said it was about preparation for a suit,

"I already have my wig Daenerys Targaryen; "Khaleesi" Dragon Mother #GOT. (I have a costume) Sometimes you need to put a drop of humor to lifeso we can enjoy this a little more, "says the computer lecturer in his Instagram account.

Last season on "Thones Games" will have six long heads and will be released in April 2019

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