Wednesday , January 20 2021

Case Catrillanca: Former Sergeant accused GOPE boss and lawyer of forcing him to lie

The former sergeant Carlos Alarcon accused Advocate Christian Inostarosa of instructing him to deliver false testimony in relation to what happened in the operation in which Camilo Catrillanca, a member of the community, was killed on November 14.

Sent The thirdIn one of his speeches, Alarcon identified Inostroza and Major Manuel Valdivieso, then head of the GOPE in the region, as instigators after the first version delivered by the uniforms, claiming they did not carry cameras.

According to Alarcon's words, the version was accepted at a meeting held in the police station in Payalouk, in my opinion "it must have lasted for an hour before testifying to the Collipleil Prosecutor's Office during that time Attorney Christian Inostarosa told us what we should say and my Chief Valdivieso supported him. Also on this occasion, Inostroza lawyer asked if we had cameras. Raul Ávila said she was going with a camera before lawyer Inostroza told us the version would be that no one was going with cameras.

"On November 16th, General Director Karabeberos Hermes Soto came to Paihaue, and I was very scared to tell my general the truth of what had happened, and lawyer Iitostruza and my older Valdivideso. they insisted that I had to keep the version that we had indicated at the beginning, "he remembers.

"My oldest saw me very complicated and he drew my attention, he tried to weaken me, he told me to be calm, everything would be fine, but When I told him the truth, he asked me – do I want to go to jail? He told me not to be weak and to stand firm "said the current former Carabinero employee.

It should be remembered that Alarcón is currently under detention for your participation in the event.

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