Thursday , January 21 2021

Castro goes diving after Comanfo Jungla retires: "It's a triumph in the right light"

The former presidential candidate, who is in Brazil at the summit of conservatives in the North and South America, describes the message of President Sebastian Pinera as "a very bad solution". For Cast, this was a blow to those who referred to the president's presidential bid, which he believes is "security and protection," but today they see "desperation."

Former presidential candidate José Antonio Castro criticized the government's decision to withdraw the command of the La Araucania jungle after the murder of community member Mapuche Camilo Catrillanca.

The politician, who is currently in Brazil and attending the US Conservative Summit, called Sebastian Pinera's "very bad decision" following the Quillo Cabinet meeting.

"Today" the right light "won, this right, which is run by polling stations and ignores reality, the situation is serious, critical and the government has not acted well on this occasion," he said.

The former candidate also accused those who voted for Pinera, whom he said is the option that guarantees them "security and protection," and today we see "desperately what about the future."

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