Sunday , June 20 2021

Catholic University Luciano Aued: "The club gave me peace of mind that the departure of Beñat San José has nothing to do with me"

"The club gave me peace that the departure of San Jose has nothing to do with me," the Argentinean said.

Lucedo Auud is one of the reasons why Beñat San José leaves Catholic University. This is the information CDF Noticias has always handled, but the Argentine violated the silence on Wednesday and denied the facts.

"I was surprised by Ben's departure San Jose, I realized he was leaving for a personal project, and his departure was not something we expected." He pointed to the T13 radio flyer.

"The best thing to do is keep calm and be at peace with me, and the club gives me peace of mind that the departure of Benat San Jose is not related to me," Awou said.

Finally, the midfielder had words about cross reinforcement Edson Pooh. "It was a pleasant surprise, showing a great level and a lot of desire, he wants to win a place in the national team" She closed.

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