Friday , January 22 2021

Champions League The PSG is meeting and Liverpool suffers alive

The group of death has not disappointed anyone, because until that last day there was everything to decide. Every Kabbalah is possible, though PSG began with the theoretical advantage of visiting the most modest a priori rival Red StarThose from Thomas Tuchel, who have already saved a match two weeks ago against Liverpool, had to do their homework lessons in Belgrade in order to comply not only with the predictions, but also with the wish of a sheik who has bet everything to conquer Orekona. Falling on the first of the change was not in anyone's plans, but less with a template tormented by stars, quoted so.

The small Marrakesh in Belgrade was the expected scene for Gauls to take the first step in their desire to be sanctified among the great Europeans. And in the most important events, there is a tendency to shine on the big one, so Edison Cavani, an eternal top scorer and perhaps underestimating the painting of the Prince's Park, has opened the dashboard. It is true that by pressing an empty door to the Neamar Center, which previously took advantage of the pointless loss of the Serbian team, who undoubtedly went further than anyone he expected. And the Brazilian would put just the second before the break, punish the duel and put the direct one on the last 16, thus completing the undesired uncertainty.

It seemed to the French team and perhaps the result of the predictable relaxation, the French attacked a goal in the 55's over Gobelic. Something that also rewarded the effort of the Serbian team throughout the Champions League, which is now rejected, which has never lowered its head. But the goal did not discourage PSG, who was determined to seal his pass without any serious unrest (he was always rated tonight), pointed his rival with Markkinosh's goal, avoiding any suspicion and avoiding unexpected shock. Once Kelian Mabappe puts an end to the shock of 1-4. So Gauls have sealed their pass as a first group. Tomas Tushel's team survived this group of deaths, which will undoubtedly reinforce their idea and give the club wings, which marked the inevitable goal of shining in this Champions LeagueOn Monday, he will meet his rival.

Liverpool, with your hearts on the edge

Although the great match is undoubtedly in this group to be in Anfield, where Liverpool and Naples depend on themselves for access to the 16th round. Realizing that in Belgrade the logical thing is that PSG won, this game was presented as an authentic end, in which the English would not be worth the equality. That is why they wanted to impose their rhythm with greater diligence at the very beginning, always dedicating themselves to their great progress, which held their leaders in England, and that last season they led them to the final in Kiev. And the most famous member of the same, Mohammed Salah, managed to open the score in half an hour of the match. Goals scored by the Egyptian home, who thus managed to put their team forward, calmed down and moved all pressure on Carlo Ancelotti's team for the second half.

In this second act everything happened, but nothing happened. At least nothing that changed the score. There will be no more goals despite the fact that the chances for each team are countless. A true duel in a two-way tournament Carlo Ancelotti put everything he needed to match the match in Anfield, but without success. While the Italians turned to the attack, the spaces they left took advantage of Juergen Klop's team, who with his opponents and his nails could play the game. The group was very tight to the end, but between Alison's stops and the lack of success of the Italians, 1-0 at the end of the match left the reds in the second round and the Italians in the Europa League, which will have a great level in the second phase.

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