Saturday , January 23 2021

Changing the FACh command costs more than 438 million pesos national

Chilean Air Force, (FACh) informed by a statement that the last change of command of the institution had a price of $ 634,452, equivalent to $ 438,095,291.

The information was released after criticism of Republic President Sebastian Pinera, who disputed the cost of the ceremony.

There is a cocktail for 1364 people worth $ 7,755,497. In connection with the support of the ceremony, the cost of renting tents, awnings, painting, amplification, lighting, hardware and snacks amounted to $ 22,337,115.

As for the foreign authorities, Cs were invitedomandantes in the main Argentinian and Brazilian Air Force, in addition to the commander of the Texas National Guard of the United States of America in North America, allocating to these authorities a total of $ 1,289,354 for food and accommodation.

Expenditures corresponding to the operation and maintenance activities amounted to $ 55,261,452 (equivalent to $ 80,030).

With regard to the employment of aviation media, a total of 72 aircrafts having a cost of fuel and lubricants of US $ 554 422, equivalent in national currency, to US $ 382 833 839 were taken into account.

For all this, the command to change command had a total price of $ 634,452, equivalent in national currency, to $ 438,095,291.

The FACh statement also details that it was given to him Instruction to the High Command of Institutions to Reduce Costs in Ceremonies and Protocol Activities, which includes, among other things, a reduction in the presence of military planes in ceremonies.

In addition, the institution has committed to President Sebastian Pinera to take care of the use of fiscal resources.

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