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Check out the fitness procedure, which can significantly lower your blood sugar levels


Routine HIIT is very demanding, but the level of search is equivalent to the degree of benefits you can get from it

for lose fat, one of the methods that have become popular in recent years is Interval training with high intensity (HIIT, for an acronym in English), so maybe it can be said that it is "fever" that is currently traveling around the world.

What is the training of HIIT?

on HIIT training (high intensity interval training) is defined as performing short sessions (between 4 and 20 minutes) with a series of 20 seconds to 4 minutes of HIIT exercises.

These exercises are dotted recovery periods or low intensityIntensity ranges are short because the body can not maintain the optimal level of activity for HIIT for prolonged periods of time.

HIIT exercises

Session 3 times a week

  • Warm: 5 minutes with trot
  • HIIT: 30 seconds of sprint and jogging are changed until the set time is reached for each session.
  • Cooling: 5 minutes with trot

We then give you brief descriptions of HIIT exercises that will most likely take you to the appropriate levels of intensity.

  • Climber: Exercise that can be done very easily, but at the same time increase pulsations with great speed.
  • Burpee: This is the global exercise par excellence. All muscle chains and you can reach the border very quickly.
  • Star Jump: Jump with extension of hands, very good for improving the stand.
  • Burrol: This is the global exercise opposed to Burpee. It takes intensive work on abdominal presses and requires good thigh mobility.

Benefits of routine HIIT

First, the routine HIIT accepts a accelerating your metabolism while this procedure is supplemented with adequate nutrition. Metabolic acceleration suggests burn calories during and after the exercise.

Accelerated metabolism also means improvement in ours cardiovascular healthIn particular, the HIIT routine lowers blood pressure, increases the cardiovascular system and contributes to reducing cholesterol,

HIIT training makes your muscles much more effective for administering sugarIt is also considered a preventive intervention as a treatment for type 2 diabetes,

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