Thursday , January 21 2021

China launches the first mission in the hidden side of the moon

They sent the Chang & e 4 spacecraft with a historic landing scheduled for early January.

On December 7, an important event occurred when the Chinese spacecraft Chan's 4th flew off the Earth and had the historic mission to land for the first time on the hidden side of the moon.

The probe is expected Changes 4 (named after the goddess who inhabits the moon according to Chinese mythology) make their moon landing in the first days of next January when they reach the Aitken basin to capture surface images and take samples of the soil,


Launch was done with the Long 3B missile missile from the Xichang Shot Center, which you can see in the video below:

The mission will seek to find information to understand the events after the Big Bang and to try to grow plants in a low-gravity environment, and to study the interaction between the solar winds and the Moon's surface, along with other experiments.

So we will be careful to see how this historic and complex mission planned by China, which is being developed a few years ago, is unthinkable due to technological problems.

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