Sunday , June 20 2021

Christian Rossellot: "I'm not hiding from the sleeve of an offensive"

on Attorney Christian Rosellot, the main character of the scandalous rage in the Montserrat de Pique supermarketHe went out to meet the criticism and said he did not intend to hide from what he calls a "sleeve of resentful people".

This morning he was talking to Morning Morning Chilevisión and facing Rafael Kawada when asked if there was any problem with anger management,

In the same conversation and without acknowledgment of your mistakes, it is said to be "a sacrifice of assembly and a feast that makes people hate"as well as" packages that form on social networks. "

It is Rossellot's social networks that have been the means for dozens of people to reproach it either through arguments or insults. Faced with these questions, the professional said defiantly: "I'm not hiding, less than a bunch of offensive",

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Twitter also focuses in recent times on the comments of a young man who says he is a nephew of Roselot and gives him support "Red Society, full of rotitis",

A legal study stands out and shares indignation

Meanwhile, during this trip – just like on the eve of the day UNIMARClegal study Pérez Donoso publicly detached from Rosellot and in a "clarification" posted on his website, he distanced himself from him, condemns his actions, and says that although they had a contact at some point, the relationship was broken by "irreconcilable differences" without the Professional ever was not part of the study.

"We have learned that in various media and on the internet, our law firm, by associating with lawyer Christian Rosellot, has been mentioned, although he does not know the context of the events, We share indignation about what the video is spreading"says Perez Donoso, who warns him "the attitude displayed there is not consistent with that of a professional and less with that of a lawyer who knows the laws",

While,It is important to note that Christian Rossellot has never been part of our team of professionals or has taken any protection or legal advice on our behalf. Unfortunately, for a short period of time he rented us privately in our offices where he took his own reasons without our support or cooperation, a contract that has long ended a product of irreconcilable differences between him and our studio and lawyers"adds the company," founded in 1912, "which states that the information that links them is" old, but still remains on the net ".

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