Tuesday , January 26 2021

Christmas Wonder: The popular house in Florida will return in the coming days national

A Christmas tradition that started eight years ago Florida this was completed in 2018 by the irritation of the neighbors of Juana Palomonos.

Every December, the businessman adorns his house with thousands of lights, trees, and even a sled, which motivated the arrival of hundreds of people to see the Christmas show. However, she was worried about her neighbors, so she decided not to get tired of the complaints.

But the intervention of Mayor Rodolfo Carter will allow this tradition not to die as it will municipal guards to monitor the security of the place.

"The news hit me because this house has always seen it when it comes to me at night." He had a very nice and massive show, "he told LUN.

The city manager said patrol fences would be introduced, and security staff would take care of the sector. Additional, will have coordination with Karabineros to direct the transit.

"We can not put an end to one of the few traditions left over at Christmas, and we also have to protect a generous neighbor who puts his hand in his pocket and gives society a business that is emblematic today in La Florida," he added.

Juana Palomonos said she was surprised by what had happened and indicated it the decoration will be ready on Monday,

"The commitment with the mayor is to be ready on Monday, so I started removing the lights from the house and ordering the carriage, the yacht and the trees," he said.

He added that he would mobilize his entire family to decorate the house as quickly as possible and that Carter promised a scaffold for him. performs within two days what has previously taken a month,

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