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Climbing ladders determine if you suffer from cancer or heart disease, according to a health study cancer | life

study has revealed that climbing stairs can show or predict the risk of premature death heart disease, cancer and other evils. Learn how the author of this study came to this conclusion.

It seems just exercise or physical training, however climbing stairs can show or predict the risk of premature death through heart disease, cancer and other diseases. This was revealed by a recent one study presented during a meeting of the European Association of the European Union Cardiology.

But how can you climb the stairs can warn you if you suffer from heart disease? According to investigation, People who are more able to withstand high levels of physical effort are at a lower risk of death cancer or heart disease.

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To complete the study, the participants underwent physical tests that were measured but with an electrocardiogram. According to Dr. Jesus Petheiro, author of the study and cardiologist at the University Hospital in Coruña, Spain, there is an easy way to check the physical capacity of people. How?

If a person can climb four steps at a fast pace without stopping, in less than a minute this is a sign that there is a good exercise ability, but if not, you have to create a habit for physical activity in your everyday life.

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"Physical activity has a positive effect on blood pressure and lipids, reduces inflammation and improves the body's immune response to tumors," the specialist said today.

The study found that people with low functional capacity had a heart disease mortality almost three times higher than that for people with good physical capacity, and cancer deaths were almost doubled.

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"I want them to get warm and get to the point where they lose their breath without falling over, but it's a challenge, and stay there for as long as you can," said Dr. Andrew Freeman, Director of Cardiovascular Prevention and Wellness in National Jewish Health in Denver and said that people should be exercising for at least 30 minutes a day.

Dr Pitreiro, meanwhile, pointed out that the best exercise to increase physical activity is walking, running, cycling and swimming, activities that people can enjoy and bring long-term benefits.

The result of the exercise image is executed with gifs

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