Tuesday , December 1 2020

Cobresal gave Cobarello the first shot and will seek the promotion at Primavera in Kalama

Cobresol made a huge step in his dream of returning to Primera after the 2-1 Cobreloa defeat at the final stage of the league for the promotion. After confronting Santiago Morning and Santiago Wonders before playing with Kalamas, those from El Salvador showed physical integrity, declared their status as a local at the El Cobre Stadium and achieved an important triumph that left them with the first opportunity go to category

Although They began to lose 1-0 after a goal by Pablo Parra in the 16th minute, the locals did not give up and they got a tie when the first half was over. IN the first minute of the first stage addition, Francisco Castro transforms equality and gave life to director Gustavo Huert to face the adventure.

In this way, he reached for a tie, Cobresal took a breath in the second part and went looking for a victory that would bring them closer to First. Work facilitated by Michael Contreiz's expulsion for 62 minutes. With a The man more, the locals got strong and managed to score 2: 1 with a penalty by Rodolfo Gonzales, for 83 minutes.

The final round of the promotion league is will be played next December 1, starting at 17:30 at the Zorros del Desierto stadium in Calama.

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