Sunday , January 17 2021

Coca Mendoza mentioned the departure of Gonzalo Fiero and the management of Marcello Espana

The American champion regretted the way the young shooter came out and pointed out that Espina had a difficult and ungrateful job.

The departure of Gonzalo Fiero from Colo Colo brought a number of criticisms for the treatment of the player formed in Colo Colo. Historic players and fans came to defend the player, challenging the actions of Marcello Espana and Blanco and Negro.

If anyone knows the side position and the reflection generated by the Kachik game, it's Gabriel Mendoza, Coca had no trouble relying on Fiero's departure.

"Unfortunately, we must undoubtedly appreciate the football question – Gonzalo may not be ready to go to Colo Colo, but it should be a starting point from another point of view. But we are, or the players are useful and they are like in any company, you serve them well and if not bye. That's right, it's football, "said Coca.

Mendoza also referred to the leadership that has made Marcelo Espina so far responsible for running the sport.

"Marcello was very difficult and ungrateful, I think he came to another Colo Colo, completely different from what he imagined. And this is evident in everything that happened that the university shared with him that he had asked for Hector's departure before that there were separate meetings that Moss in the audio filtering said that Marcelo played with Hector we know him as much as I have known since childhood. So I think Marcello came into a very rare, perverse climate and unfortunately the people who run the institution do not realize that the team belongs to all Chileans " She closed.

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