Wednesday , May 5 2021

Colo Colo Feminine is installed in the Copa Libertadores semifinals sporty

Again there is a great campaign Colo Colo in Women's Cup Libertadores The white box was installed in the semi-finals of the tournament after the victory of Bolivia's Deportivo ITA 4-2,

Kacic's goals are the work of Natalie Kuzadada, Jizella Pinto, Carla Torres, and Umarari Assaniot, in a classification that was complicated for a few minutes, as the national team had to win with two goals in contrast to gain access to the phase as the second best.

The Chilean team will be measured in the four best rounds before Saints from Brazil, the team he has already faced at the group stage and fell with an undetectable 4-1.

Cacique will win the rematch!

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