Saturday , June 19 2021

Colo Colo looks for joy at the championship Catholic University of Sausalito

Colo Colo returns to action this Saturday with the intention of recovering from two consecutive falls against category rivals and doing so before Catholic Universitythe current Chilean football champion.

Albos and Crusaders meet at the "Sousalito" stadium in Vina Del Mar to challenge the second date of the summer tournament.

Mario Salas faces his former team and makes it with his best cards in search of a victory that makes him forget the bad results against Estudiantes in Noche Alba and against Union Espanjola on the first date of this contest.

However, the above will be without neglecting the planning, namely to test all the elements available in Colo Colo to gather a solid team before the start of official tournaments.

Thus, among the 21 mentioned albums, the minors appear Benjamin Jerez, Sebastian Valencia and Agustin Ortizwho can play their first match with the elastic "cacique".

Gustavo Quinteros's "Frontier" is planning something like this, even though it focuses on reinforcements. Once again they appear as basic options Edson Pooh, Valber Huert and Juan Cornejo, in addition to returning shooter Christopher Toseley.

This meeting is scheduled for 12:05 (15:05 GMT). All details of the plays can be followed by the virtual dashboard.

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