Tuesday , January 19 2021

Colo Colo loses a candidate for his bank

Eduardo Coudet confirmed he had met Marcelo Espana but would continue to run the competition club.

Colo Colo Searches technically after the departure of Hector TapiaThe albums intend to close their new coach in the coming weeks.

One of the names that sounded at the monumental stadium was this Eduardo Coudet. But your current and your contract in Race Club They made it very difficult "Chacho" to get to Macul.

The DT of the Academy spoke at a press conference and confirmed that he had met Marcelo Espana, but discarded every exit of Avellaneda's voices. ,

"With Espana I met for a professional problem, but the race leaders knew in advance, just wanted to be respected with a friend, but he knows I'm committed to the club and his people., said Coudet.

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