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Colo Colo turned it and Unión Española attracted key matches to qualify for South America

Colo Colo and Unión Española They have survived a lot lately because of the irregularities they had in the championship. Today, however, they gave a lesson on hierarchy and delivery on the pitch and settled in the Sudanese Cup area, in the absence of a date for the end of the tournament.

The albums brought her back to HuahaPatto

Colo Colo was about to sink into Talcahuan. In the moment of the party he was out of the standings of the Copa Sudamericana, the only consolation left in this gray season. But Hector Tapia's team, without Jorge Valdivia and without Esteban Pared, showed a fighting spirit that seemed lost and went to look for the victory. Finally, he got it. The albums were imposed by 2-1 on Usina's at CAP Stadium.

The meeting had an electrical start. The two teams were trying to send the ball and tried to take the opponent's door to the exit. In the 4th minute, Gabriel Torres of Panama demanded Augustine Orion and 11-year-old Gabriel Swazzo failed after a good passage from Claudio Baeza. It seemed that the album leveled the balance in the first few minutes, although Javier Parrague left them with a strained soul as they stood in front of the door. At the last moment his eyes were deflected.

Little by little, Cacique lost sparks and returned to be the abscis set, which was the second semester. There were no tools to upset Yerco Urra, and it all depended on the individual arrests in which men in white were generally caught in a tangled blue and black shirt.

With Sizar Valenzuela, the commander of the army, the steelmakers triangulated comfortably in the middle of the field before a rival who did not recover and adhered to the central goalkeeper. But the Orion massif failed before the Torres World Cup, which seemed to have lost no danger and opened the 36-count. "The goal left the hulk on the visit, and only the ball avoided remaining on the others, losing with -big difference. The defeat and drawing of Unión Española with Antofagasta left Macul with nothing for the next year.

Colo Colo went to the front of the dressing room. But the impulse was not enough to create situations of danger. While Oscar Opposo appeared on 60's. "Torta" grabbed a strong center hatch that came to the left and put the tie on the dashboard.

The set of Nicholas Larcomon was a shadow of what was in the first half. The hollow-inspired album continued to strike. The punished Tapia, who watched the match from the rostrum, took him out of Esteban Paves for Ivan Morales, who would play a key role in the future of the match. Luke Barios began to run, the young man won the race and determined calmly against Yerco Urra in the 78th, sealing the return.

With this victory the capital table climbed to fifth place. Before the University of Concept in Monumental will have the opportunity to qualify the ranking of an international tournament and thus become a pale year. In the meantime, the Huacachapo would have disappeared from South America.

Union turned to Antofagasta in Calvo and Bakunyan

Unión Española, who opened Fernando Diaz on the bench, traveled north to play against the sublime Antofagasta. The aim was to add to continue in the race for the next Copa Sudamericana. And he got it. The ones from Santa Laura take a tie with the one that, in the absence of a date for the end of the tournament, will give way to the international tournament.

The owners of the house pressed and the Union stepped back. Tobías Figueroa has managed to open the account for the title visit, which has changed steadily. Salvador Cordero responded with another testo that frightened Mono Sanchez.

Pumas moved to the 36th front. Argentine Rodrigo Contreras has taken advantage of a Spanish defense mistake to open the bow with his bow at his mercy. The joy, however, will quickly disappear across the north. Miss Davila put the tie on 41 '.

When the dressing rooms returned, the meeting became locked and with many drawbacks. Antofagasta has done more merit. Bruno Romo and Oscar Romo were on the verge of winning the local. On the other side and in one of the few arrivals of the capitalists in the second half, Figueroa managed to give the three points to Santa Laura.

The Spaniards are seventh with forty points, one more than Huachipato. They close their participation next week at home against the La Callera Alliance. Meanwhile, Antofagasta has made 50 units and would have remained from the next Copa Libertadores.

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