Friday , January 15 2021

Combos arrived, Combinations Come From: Violated Judge Reaction In The Mid-Boxing Game | sporty

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American Boxers Keith Thurman and Joselito López They organized an intense battle for the WBA title in the middle category.

In a match marking the return of champion Thurman to the rings after 22 months, the monarch managed to keep his title after defeating Lopez points unanimously with cards from 117-109, 115-111 and 113-113.

But in addition to the blows that were handed out by the boxers, the situation that marked the battle was the reaction of the judge Steve Willis after an attack by Lopez in the seventh round.

The judge could not believe the speed of the opponent who managed to connect a few strokes with Thurman's face. The face of the judge, who showed a great surprise, did not go unnoticed by those who were attentive to the struggle.

Thus, with surprise Willis as the main observer, Keith Thurman was increasing his quest 29 wins and zero, retaining the title in the semi-final category.

The amazing response of Judge Willis:

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