Saturday , May 8 2021

Confirmed: Diablo 4 is being developed for two years under the code name "Fenris"

Online magazine Kotaku He interviewed 11 contributors to Blizzard Entertaiment between current and past employees, everyone agreed that we are currently working on what is called Project Fenris, which is neither more nor less Diablo 4, this game, which everyone takes for granted in Blizzcon 2018.

Several guidelines have been revealed in the project, for example, there is a concept for "Embrace the Darkness" and come back more harshly to the franchise, far from any caricature factor that Diablo might have. According to those working on the project since 2016, They show that they are optimistic about the way the project is taking

On the other hand, it was revealed that there was a debate on whether to maintain isometric view or try new corners of a third person as they were used in the canceled project called "Hades" although development is brought to classical isometric.

Do not forget that Immortal devil, the title mobile from this franquicica, was met with a boss at the conference Blizzcon 2018 because the fans were waiting – and they were quite sure – that it was confirmation Devil 4

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