Friday , June 18 2021

Constanza McKenna reveals gentle gestures that Isla Paraiso's team had for her pregnancy Television and broadcasts

On Tuesday, actress Constanza McKenna surprised everyone after announcing she was expecting her first child, the fruit of her marriage, with the commercial engineer Pedro Costibal Vikunja.

The news was revealed with a gentle postcard from Colico, a region of La Aracunia where her 5-month-old belly is seen.

One of the details that attracted the greatest attention is its character Paradise Island, Juliet, she is also pregnant after passing a minor romance honest (Nicolás Oyarzún)

In an interview with Las asltimas Noticias, the actress said she knew she was expecting a baby in the middle of the recordings.

"I remember that for the premiere we recorded in Chiloé and I just wanted to sleep hahaha, but I never thought the dream was for the bus""he explained.

In that sense, he indicated that he knew of the hero's pregnancy and that he had learned about his character a month and a half later, adding that his reaction was happiness.

– I always wanted to be a mom. Although it was not in my closest plans, it happened when it was not in the plans, it was rare, but it arrived at the time it was supposed to arrive just ""he commented.

Finally, in terms of how they were enrolled, Constanza showed that the team had played 7. "Everyone was very affectionate to the news. They worry that I'm comfortable and that I have somewhere to sit. Sometimes I get hungry and everybody takes care of me, hahaha. They even give me their food. I felt very comfortable and loved in this process "he concluded.

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