Friday , December 4 2020

Consumers remember the political phrase of San Lorenzo goalkeeper before the Boca River Incidents

This Saturday at 5:00 PM They had to go out and play River Plate against Boca Juniors in Monumental.

However, the second part of the Finals' final Libertadores Cup He suffered a delay due to incidents outside the stadium.

while the bus to which the Boca players arrived received stones from the fans of the river, some tried to enter the stadium with force.

The situation has led some users to social networks to compare what happened to what they described in August last year Nicholas Navarro, the Shooter's Shooter San Lorenzoduring your visit to Temuco,

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The players of Sports Temuco when they were unmarked for the team from the penalty area and even hurt a bit the ball fought side up in the match.

"Shame is what we have been alive since we arrived in Chile," Navarro explained at a press conference. – We could not train anywhere. Injured during the game. Throw the things to me. You need to make an analysis if you have to take a football match against the players and technical staff and people from San Lorenzo. "

He added: "We know we did not play well, he did a better Temuco game."

"We have to pay more attention to the behavior of the Temuco people, take a train with eight or nine trucks, motorcycles, is this normal for you? In Argentina this is not happening"Verify the goalkeeper of San Lorenzo.

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