Sunday , May 9 2021

Copihue de Oro: Experience the red carpet radiance

A full-blown day will be celebrated this Friday at the start of the award ceremony Copihue de Oro 2018, which will take place in The Great Art of Monticello.

The most selected national show has gone through the red carpet, where there are faces of Channel 13, Tonka Tomicic, Francisco Saavedra, Polo Ramirez and part of the stable voice of the TV series "Pact of the Blood" and "Queen of Franklin",

From 7:00 pm Channel 13 issued a special red carpet, under the direction of Sergio Lagos and Diana Bolocco.

[FOTOS] Review the red carpet

Then, at 10:30, the Copihue de Oro ceremony will open, featuring Villa Cariño, Andrés de León and the Melón y Melame humorous show. The prize will be held by Montserrat Alvarez, Julian Elfbenbein, José Miguel Vinuela, Maria Louisa Godoy, Daniel Fuenalida and Alejandra Vallee,

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