Friday , November 27 2020

Copihue de Oro: Pacto de sangre is crowned as "Best Telescope"

"Pact of the Blood" It was the big surprise of the night to stay in the category of "Best Telescope in" Copihue de Oro 2018.

Just two months after his premiere, the night of Channel 13 managed to devastate the voice, where he beat productions by forgiving our sins, hidden truths, dollhouse, hunting, and if I was rich, all mega.

The Thriller's Actors, Blanca Levin, Ignacia Baiza, Pablo Macaia, Ignacia Baiza and Alvaro Gomes there were some of those who went on stage to get the prize, and a lot of surprise thanked all viewers who set telemetry every night and turn it into the most talked about in social networks.

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"We are glad we are part of the telemetry that managed to capture people every night", said the team that has climbed in full has received the prize.

Recall that the ceremony is held by Montserrat Alvarez, Julian Elfbenbein, José Miguel Vinuela, Maria Louisa Godoy, Daniel Fuenalida and Alejandra Vallee, also counts on the shows of Villa Carino, Andres de Leon and the humorous show of Melon and Melaam.

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