Friday , December 4 2020

Cruise ship Seabourn Quest opened the cruise season in Iquique

on Seeks sailors I did not go through Iquique six years ago. However, his arrival was not only special for this reason, but also opened the cruise season 2018 – 2019 in Tarapaca Region, along with 400 passengers, mostly from North American nationality, in addition to 361 crew members.

Flag Flag of Flag The Bahamas, it is 199 meters long and 28 meters long
manga and harbor at Molo Terminal at Port Ikeeque, at 07:19.

During the stay the passengers made several tours of the city,
as well as visits to Saltpeter Humberstone and Pika and Pinados. To this end, buses for the different routes were allowed, as well as the approach between the port and the city Plaza Pratt.

The ship to which it belongs Carnival Corporation and is managed by Sea cruises,
He is considering a nine-hour stay in the region and then, around 5:00 am, He's leaving Antofagasta.

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