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Cyber ​​Monday 2018: Best deals on TVs

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If you did not buy the TV you wished during Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday still brings you good deals in this category.

Cyber ​​Monday falls this year on Monday, November 26th.

Editor's Note: This article was updated on November 25th at 2:20 am PT, with bids still valid

We will work with to announce the best deals as we have come to know. The next big merchants we expect to announce on TV are Best Buy and Walmart, followed by Amazon.

Right now, these are the best deals on black Friday TVs we've found so far. Tenders that have the name CNET Selection are devices that we have analyzed and which we can recommend and which are included in our list of the best televisions to give this Christmas,

Before you start with offers, this is what you need to know.

  • This list has been updated to November 19th,
  • Includes the latest offers from Amazon, Best Buy, Wal-Mart, Target, Costco, Sam's Club, BJ's, Dell, Shopko, Meijer, JCPenney, Belk and
  • Offers are different in stores, and links to specific TVs may not show the price of the Black Friday 2018 offer until they start.
  • CNET may receive a percentage of the sales received from the products shown on this page.

Let's start with the best of the best. These are the best prices on TVs that we really analyzed or on TVs we know enough to strongly recommend them for the price.

65-inch TCL 6 Series Roku TV, model 65R615: US $ 900 (saves US $ 70)

Sarah Tee / CNET

Shop: Best Buy

Availability: Online and in stores now.

Most likely this is the best price you will get for the magnificent 65R615 from TCL. This model is exclusive to Best Buy, but it is basically identical to what we call our favorite televisions for your money in 2018. You can not get such a good image for less.

If you prefer a size of 55 inches, it costs only $ 600. At Best Buy, which is again the best price we hope to see for this level of image quality.

Best Buy Review

Read the CNET review (in English)

55-inch Vizio M-Series TV, Model M55-F0: US $ 450 (saves $ 150)

Sarah Tee / CNET

Shop: Costco and Sam's Club

Availability: online and in store from November 23 to November 26 (but see below)

He does not have that good image, and the intelligent television system is much worse than the TCL 6 series, but at this price of 55 inches is definitely the best value. This is the cheapest TV we recommend for Black Friday 2018, which gets "8" picture quality.

Remarks: This price is exclusive to Costco's and Sam's Club stores starting on Friday, but the latter will have an early online sale starting on Thanksgiving on November 22 at 12:01 AM Eastern Time, so we include your relationship. below. Options that are not for clubs like Target and Walmart are more expensive for US $ 550. I would recommend the TCL 6 series for another $ 50.

Look at Sam's club

65-inch Vizio M-Series TV, Model M65-F0: US $ 730 (saves US $ 170)

Sarah Tee / CNET

Shop: Costco and Sam's Club

Availability: online and in the store from November 23 to November 26

At this rate, however, I recommend paying more for the TCL 6 series, but if you are a member of the club shop and you can get that price, I will not blame you for saving $ 170; M is still big TV. The presence is the same as that of 55 inches above.

Look at Sam's club

Vizio E-Series TVs: US $ 310 and up

Sarah Tee / CNET

Shop: and Best Buy

Availability: Thanksgiving (or now)

We call the E Series the cheapest home cinema television, largely because it is the cheapest with a full matrix local attenuation – a feature that goes beyond everything else to improve the quality of the LCD image. It definitely outperforms TCLs (except Series 6) and also affects many of the Samsung and LG input TVs that follow.

The best offer we saw is for Dell's 50-inch size, the sale of which begins on Thanksgiving, on November 22 at 15:00. ET Turns the TV and donated card at US $ 100 for $ 350.

Other offers and sizes are already available at many retailers, but seems to have the most in stock.

43 inches for $ 310

55 inches for $ 430

65 inches for $ 630

70 inches for 750 US dollars

It is worth noting that the cheapest D series is sold in multiple stores, but the image quality will not be as good as lacking local weight loss. The best alternative is the TCL S405 series.

See Dell

Read the CNET review (in English)

How about other TV offers for Cyber ​​Monday and Black Friday?

The fact is that most of the TVs sold for Black Friday are divided into two different categories:

  • Very cheap equipment from unknown or old brands (Element, Westinghouse, Magnavox, Polaroid)
  • In-line or single-use equipment ("special purchase") from popular brands such as Samsung, LG, Sony and Vizio

We do not analyze any of the previous categories and very few of them, so we can not recommend them directly. It turns out that none of them expected to surpass the series of the Vizio E series or the previous TCL 6 series and in many cases would cost more. In other words, in the latter case, you often pay extra for just one brand.

Meanwhile, the best teams of high-quality brands we analyze are also available, but they are not as cheap as these basic models.

Having said all this, if you want to buy a cheap TV or if you really want Samsung, Sony or LG instead of Vizio or TCL, there are many other possibilities. Here's a selection:

The cheapest Cyber ​​TVs on Monday and Black Friday (not necessarily good deals)

Below you will find the cheapest TVs we've found for Black Friday, whether we recommend them or not. While some are available online, many are of the type doorbusters, i.e. they are only available in the store at the time of sale on a black Friday and are only available in limited quantities.

32-inch TVs: $ 80

Target, Shopko and Belk have 32-inch TVs for 80 dollars. Only Target puts a brand: Polaroid.


For screen price, this Hisense on Walmart is the cheapest TV we've ever seen.


TVs measuring 39 and 40 inches: $ 100 to $ 130

  • Walmart has a 40-inch screen with Hisense 1080p screen for $ 100. As far as we know, this is the cheapest TV of the year so far with US $ 0.14 per square inch screen. This is also cheaper on an area than every 2017 Black Friday TV we watch.
  • Target has a 40-inch Westinghouse 1080p for $ 125.
  • Best Buy has a 39-inch Meijer company and a 40-inch element for $ 130.

43-inch TVs: $ 130 to $ 280

  • The Best Buy offer on the 43-inch fire alarm TV set mentioned above is the only 43-inch TV for less than $ 200.
  • The following is Westinghouse at $ 200, available in some BJ stores.
  • None of the discounts beat that of our favorite of 43 inches TCL 43S30 (Now it costs $ 220).
  • These include the LG 43UK6090 in Meijer (US $ 220), the same BJ's (US $ 260), Sam's Club, Best Buy and Target (US $ 270), and Samsung NU6900 / 6950 all US $ 280) at Best Buy, BJ's, Costco, Meijer and Target.

TVs of 49 and 50 inches: $ 200 to $ 330

  • The cheapest in this range is the 49-inch Polaroid with built-in Chromecast for 199 lv. Provided by Shopko, a hypermarket with branches in about half of the US states. Trick? This price is only refunded by mail.
  • The prices are rising dramatically for the Meijer (US $ 220), Westinghouse at Target (US $ 230), Philips at Target (US $ 250), Sharp at BJ's (US $ 270) and Fire TV at Best Buy, which we mentioned earlier ($ 280). Costco also has TCL Roku, model 50S423, for $ 280.
  • And then there is Samsung, model NU6900 / NU6950 (US $ 330), available in BJ's, Best Buy, Target and Shopko.

55-inch TVs: $ 200 to $ 400

  • There are more 55-inch TVs for sale this black Friday than any other size, and here's the second cheaper screen price. Both Target and Meijer have 55-inch elemental TVs for $ 200.
  • Years TVs are also available from other retailers for $ 250. Best Buy has a Sharp LC-55LBU591U, while Walmart has a Hisense 55R6000E.
  • Shopko tempts buyers with Polaroid for $ 300, but the offer is less good.
  • Now the Samsung NU6900 series costs US $ 400 practically everywhere: BestBuy, Dell, Meijer, Shopko, Target and Walmart. LG charges the same price for the UK6090 series at Sam's Club and JC Penney.

65-inch TVs: $ 400 to $ 650

  • There are a few offers on TVs of 58 and 60 inches, but its price falls far behind the prices we see at 65 inches, so we decided to ignore them on this list.
  • Best rates at this rate come courtesy of Roku $ 400. (in Walmart) and the Amazon Fire TV Edition (in Meijer) mentioned above. Hence, prices reach $ 530. for Philips on BJ & # 39; s.
  • The next price level is US $ 600 by Samsung UN65NU6070 at Best Buy, as well as LG 65UK6090PUA sold by Sam's Club, Costco, Dell, JCPenney and Meijer.
  • Finally, there is a Samsung 65NU6950 for $ 650 that sells at BJ's, Costco,, Shopko and Target.

TVs measuring 70, 75, 82 and 86 inches: $ 700 to $ 2,500

  • Every TV in this range of sizes except the Vizio E70-F3 in Costco mentioned above is LG or Samsung and is available in only a few stores.
  • The cheapest is the 70-inch LG 70UK6190PUB in Best Buy for $ 700.
  • Best Buy also has a 75-inch LG from the same model, the 75UK6190PUB, for US $ 1,000.
  • The Samsung 75-inch TV is worth US $ 1,200, model 75NU6950 / 6900, available at BJ's, Best Buy and
  • The 82-inch Samsung UN82NU800D has already jumped to $ 2,500. – a significant increase to $ 0.86 per square inch – at BJ's, Costco, and Best Buy.
  • Not big enough for you? The 86-inch 86UK6570AUA of LG costs the same $ 2,500 ($ 0.79 per square inch) at Sam's Club, BJ's and Costco.

And that's all we have for the Black Friday in the TV. Remember to check this page often because we will update it when we find more offers.

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