Saturday , January 23 2021

David Aguilla: "I love the songs to get angry" society

Five Latin American Grammatical Nominations, Collaboration with Jorge Drexler, Mont Laffer and Natalia Lafurcade are just some of the achievements he has had in recent times David Aguilar, a Mexican native of Sinaloa, who just a while ago He has already settled in the most underground scene, but now he is shining as one of the most interesting composers on the Latin stage.

With a variety of influences and invasions makes it impossible to classify it in style, the musician came to Chile to be a part of International Festival of Innovation, Fiis 2018, this Saturday December 8 in the Araucano Park.

In conversation with Citizen DNA, David Aguilar asked how his career has changed recently and how his ties to Chile have been strengthened because after working with Mon Laferte, he will meet Los Tres in a tribute to Marco Antonio Solly, will be a tribute to his own Álvaro Henríquez's band and also has a joint work with Pedro Piedra in anticipation.

And that is, the many styles Aguilar addresses also make him want to be part of different projects and be very careful about what's happening around him to get involved in his work. "I like the social song, it's that I like that the songs get angry for some time in my life" says Mexican laughter but insists "when someone shows the angry side as I feel good because it is real," he emphasizes.

To the violence that surrounds Sinaña, where he was born and today has spread throughout the world, may be part of the inspiration of David Aguilar, a musician who admits that his parents are also a bit "violent" but with regard to the musical influences they have installed in their lives and that they have gone from bolero, Brazilian music, the traditional Mexican or The Beatles.

Before his show this Saturday in Fias, David Aguilar will share the stage at the Chocolate Club, with the Argentine Kevin Johansen

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