Sunday , May 16 2021

David Pizzaro, the last figure of 2018

As the day arrives, the clever midfielder will play his last game at home on a date that can be key.

David Pizarro returns to Chile, filled with controversy. His dream has always been to withdraw Santiago Wanderers, a club that saw him born and went out to explore new strands. The city also saw his native, sweet harbor. But not all dreams can be fulfilled, and leaving the castration casting has made him unable to say farewell to the courts. 2016 for forgetting that the phantasist did not have magic.

But 2017 had something better prepared for a person who made the game different with the ball on his feet ever since he signed Chilean University and everything was bad. The fate of fate, passed the negative, and set a rainy center for success. Something he knows well and has experience.

The former Chilean chosen tears came out to conquer the Chilean tournament, which always knew he had a revenge.

The year he returned to call a champion in his homeland and dressed in blue. 2017 is the year in which David Pizarro He was part of the national championship team, giving him the joy and the strength to continue another year in professionalism.

And in 2018 he also had good results as he fought for the title of the local tournament, where U had a football renaissance with Frank Küdelika on the bench, added to the irregularity of the Chilean contest, a math of academia with the illusion that the Catholic falls, and they add 3 to reach the end of the championship with the first opportunity to celebrate the final date against Curicó,

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The last chance to add medals as the decision is made, and the fantasist will hang the shoes in December, where he will not be able to withstand less professionalism.

"This is a conscious decision, a situation that one never expects, but I have to be aware that my joints will thank … I leave football, that's satisfaction," said the Fox Sports player.

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