Sunday , June 20 2021

"David vs. Goliath": the unusual fight with Muay Thai in Brazil, which toured the world of sports

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Favela Kombat

Unusual Battle of Muay Thai lived in Favela Kombat 31 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

It turns out that two fighters entered the cage with obvious physical differences. To see David vs Goliath, according to the official story of the event.

However, both correspond to weight (not exceeding 67 pounds) and the battle can be held.

In one corner was Celsso's "stonemale", 43 years old. measured 1.63 meters and made his fifth appearance in the tournament.

On the other side is Savio "giant" Vinicius for 22 years Height 2 meters, who made his debut in the contest.

The battle was negotiated for five rounds and lasted about 25 minutes.

At first, the height of the young fighter favored him, but with the passing of minutes, the "stone arm" began to work and attacked his legs, sending him to the floor several times.

After the last ring, the judges gave Selso as the winner.

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