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Demmel per hour

November 25, 2018 2:04 AM

Ousmane Dembelé's goal at the end of the 90th minute that took place in Barcelona and disappointed at Atlético de Madrid with a level equalizer when the Atletico team felt almost defeated and obvious, with Diego Costa's head null, extremely tactical and practically innocuous .

Everything is the same as in Atletico and not in Barcelona, ​​awaiting the Sunday result of Sevilla for his stay in a game that did not move for anything in 80 minutes that shook Diego with 1: 0 Costa at that time and this ended with equality with the disputed Dembele for salvation. There are so many clashes between Atletico and Barcelona that nobody trusts anyone.

Everything is in very planned planning. Performance is no longer surprising, nor is the confrontation of styles: ownership is for Barca's block, no doubt at first, less than minutes pass.

Nothing new in a duel that started from the foreseeable, as well as measured by the risk-based tactics, defined every detail, but also with the intensity required by the struggle for the summit. Each ball sometimes looked last, no matter where it was, as if the outcome depended on the ball.

All this in the tense peace that knows that every action, every mistake, on one side or another, can change; first of all the rhythm that Barcelona offers from the ball. For a while he came to Athletic's foot armed around the Cloud; Rondo more than generating occasions frightened at some time when Messi grabs the ball … until the rival has compiled the structure in the middle.

Too far from the enemy zone during the first stage, with almost no combination ahead, with difficulties at the exit, Simeone moved two pieces: Saul, from the middle to the group; Coke, from the group in the middle. The result was not just Atletico, more visible in the other field, but less persecuted by his opponent.

At half-time, at Atletico, jumping the team from Gerard Pique to the goal that Sol Stegen decides; half an occasion for Barcelona – the innocent center of Sergi Roberto, who subsequently retired early – and the attraction of nothing until the second half of the prospect of winning a game of this dimension and complexity. Nobody had taken this responsibility with the necessary determination.

Neither Atletico nor Barcelona. Neither Grizzan, nor Diego Costa, nor Lemar, especially Gray, in the Croissant set, nor Messi, except for some gust, nor Luis Suarez, unnoticed in Barca's block. There was still no player between the three clubs. Neither in the first nor in the whole second.

Barcelona had the ball but did not hit, not even broke the last meters, delayed by local hardness; Atletico wanted to counterattack but could not wait in its own field for the opportunity to unleash the offensive skill that best drives.

He cast a perfect corner kick on Grisan, ending Diego Costa's pillar, with the determination that no one ever had, in the 80th minute, the same as Dembelé, Valverde's last-minute resource to take advantage of " "from Messi and save a point for Barcelona.


1 – Atletico de Madrid: Oblak; Arias, Savic, Lucas, Philippe; Coke, Rodrigo, Saul, Lemar (Vitolo, M.63); Grizzan and Diego Costa (Correa, 80).

1 – Barcelona: Ter Stegen; Nelson Semedo, Pique, Ummet, Jordi Alba; Sergi Roberto (Rafinha, m.46), Busquets, Arthur (Dembelé, m.80), Vidal (Malcom, m.84); Messi and Luis Suarez. Goals: 1-0, m. 78: Diego Costa deflected a blow from the corner of Griezmann. 1-1, m. 90: Dembelé defeats Oblak on the net. Referees: Gil Mansano (C. Extremeño). He commends the local residents Lucas (39), Grisaman (48), Rodrigo (86) and Philippe Lewis (87) and visitors Busquet (29) and Rafina (92). Incidents: a country corresponding to the thirteenth round of La Liga Santander played at the "Wanda Metropolitan Stadium" about 67,000 spectators.

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