Tuesday , June 22 2021

Denies the health deficiency of a measles vaccine

Ciudad Valles. "Faced with a global alert for the recurrence of measles cases in Europe and America where, for various reasons, they experience" prolonged and severe "sprouts, the head of the Sanitary Justice V, Francisco Adrian Castillo Morales, said the disease was controlled in the country, thanks to the overall coverage of the immunized children, in addition to the presence of sufficient biological means to prevent it.

There is a global signal that should be followed by certain prevention protocols, but fortunately the vaccination campaigns that have been tracked for many years have allowed complete coverage to be provided as the immunological triple virus has been administered for twelve months birth and reinforcement at the age of six. "

Castillo Morales said that in 2018 there was a 100% coverage of the target established with the triple virus vaccine, and during this first month of the year, the Health Services managed to cover the vaccine application for children under 1 to 6 years when they have the necessary doses to comply with the vaccination scheme in Huasteca Norte.

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