Thursday , November 26 2020

Deputy Chairs of the Armed Forces have enabled the armed forces to liaise with drug traffickers: they still do not meet a national

Alvaro Carter, a deputy defense commissioner and former member of the Milliwota case investigator, said on Thursday he had served armed forces a month ago on suspicion of possible links with drug traffickers.

The parliamentarian pointed out after it was revealed that the chief commander of the army acknowledged that there were organized crime officers who "have reasonable suspicions because in when PDI or Carabinero attacks a house, they find weapons that only the armed forces can have ",

These suspicions motivated the deputy chairman serving in the navy, the army and the FACh, on October 23rd, so these institutions "gave information about what happened" with this weapon, however, did not get an answer.

"They did not give me anything (…) I hope they will answer me as soon as possible on the delivered deals", broken.

Maximum weight

Deputy (PS) Leonardo Soto, former chairman of the Milliwete Investigation Commission, also referred to the case, qualifying it as a fact with maximum severity.

"I do not know in the recent history of public service chiefs or chief commanders that they acknowledge that within their institution officers – who assume the absolute confidence of the military hierarchy – agree, associate or participate in the arms sales process of traffickers of drugs, organized crime, "he said.

He added: "The fact that our armed institutions are connected with the supply of weapons to gangs of criminals is certainly a fact this is unprecedented ",

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