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Deputy Garcia after an incident in Congress: My confusion made me react

The Deputy Rene Garcia (RN) assured on Wednesday that his confusion "made me react in the absolutely wrong way", complaining about aggression against a journalist in Congress.

The soldier of the National Revolution made a sexual comment to Andrea Para (PPD) in the framework of the land commission inquiry, bought by Deputy Minister Ubila, and when they turned to journalists to explain the situation, hit Kevin Fellgeras from Radio DNAwho was kicked to prevent him from opening the door,

Although he was trying to deny the aggression, the security camera images revealed the impact he gave to the pro.

By a statement posted on RN lawmakers' Twitter account, Garcia said he regrets "deep what has happened and I guess my confusion made me react in the absolutely wrong way."

"It was not my intention to cause harm or injury, which was not actually confirmed; but to put an end to the persistent and real persecution I was the object of, "he explained.

In addition, he went out to dismiss the "opportunistic interpretations that claim this episode attributed a larger range than he," and apologizes to the press service "if I offend them with my actions," although he immediately added that "this does not contradict the irritation what causes be interrupted and harassed many times on the way to my office by a person who is approaching a microphone from my face when I walk".

As for the other episode that is accused, where in the middle of a discussion the deputy of Parra called Garcia "to put on his pants", to which he responded with a comment of a sexual nature "is that I come down with myselfthe parliamentarian denied these statements.

"They are false and correspond to the positions of political antagonism (…) I have never stated what they support (Parra and Carmen Herz) or in the context in which they present it," Garcia said in the text.

It should be remembered that the record of the situation notes that Parra Parra finally asks him in the middle of the discussion whether his pants fall, which Garcia ironically answers "yes, with you." Undoubtedly, they really fell on me.".

The PH lawmaker said he would turn to the Lower House's Ethics Committee to defend himself against this latest charge.

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