Monday , June 14 2021

Did you pay your tickets for traffic? If not, install the batteries because you can not renew your driving license

There are only a few weeks until March, no doubt the worst month, because it means the end of the holidays, the beginning of the school and the season of documents that you would certainly prefer to ignore. The registration certificate is one of them, but be careful, you will not be able to renew it if you have not paid the fines. According to the Association of Municipalities in Chile there are 13 million fines without canceling.

In order to obtain the registration certificate, certain requirements must be met. First, you must provide the registration certificate from the previous year. Second, there may be unpaid fines related to your patent number that were reported by the Civil Registry before November 30. In addition, you must have a compulsory personal injury insurance (SOAP). Finally, the technical and gas review for the day of payment of the driving license is essential.

To see if you have traffic tickets, you can review the website of the Deputy Minister for Regional and Administrative Development with your route or patent.

The fines

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Justice Minister Hernán Larraín urged citizens not to forget to check whether they have unpaid fines. "We think it is important for people to perform their duties if someone has committed a violation, they have to pay their debts," he told T13.

In this regard, it is recalled that the Association of Municipalities in Chile has confirmed the existence of 13 million fines which have not yet been paid. Similarly, the Minister of Justice assured that 98% of these obligations correspond to patents within the Metropolitan Region.

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