Sunday , June 13 2021

DIM – Palestinian Online: Copa Libertadores, Phase 2

Ignacio Gonzalez also had a few words after the game.

PALESTINE GHOAAAL! Agustín Farias has a crucial punishment and the Arabic phase ahead!

If the results of Palestine are now advancing.

Perlaza's goal! Discounts on DIM. 3-1 in favor of Palestine.

Palestine! The "Wizard" Jimenez does not fail and the Arabic picture is 3: 0.

He went to Riquire! Medellin loses his second penalty and the result remains 2: 0.

2-0 the Chilean box so far.

GOOOAAL from Palestine! The Venezuelan Mago crashes into the center and does not fail.

Tapa Ignacio Gonzalez! Hezaro shoots the cross, but the Chilean guardian guesses the country! 1-0 Palestinians.

JOQUAL from Jorquera! He made the first punishment. 1-0 Palestinians.

Palestine will start to kick, coming Cristobal Jorquera.

Penalties occur, The Palestinian is in his last speech before leaving.

90 & # 39; + 5 & # 39; The game is over! It will be determined in penalties that pass to the next stage of Copa Libertadores!

90 & # 39; + 3 & # 39; He saved Palestine! The center of Perlaza after the corner and Ignacio Gonzalez very well cleared the ball.

90 & # 39; Five minutes added time.

90 & # 39; The 90 minutes have already been completed. If this is the end, the game will go to sanctions.

89 & # 39; Change in Palestine: Cristóbal Jorquera replaces César Cortés's deputy.

88 & # 39; Change to DIM: Leo Castro leaves and enters Once Valencia,

88 & # 39; Erazo tried to even the defense on a ball from outside the goalkeeper, but the ball went wide.

86 & # 39; Very good Del Pino Mago to capture Leo Castro, who came alone to score 2-1.

83 & # 39; Medellin was there! What a photo of Ricaurte! He hits his left hand 25 meters, and the crossbar says not on the DIM wheel.

82 & # 39; A good center of Véjar, who departed from a defender of DIM.

78 & # 39; Change in Palestine: Enter Diego Rosende for the wounded Julian Fernandez.

76 & # 39; Julian Fernandez has illnesses. The steering wheel remains on the floor and is likely to be changed.

74 & # 39; DIM nearby! The first Kano tries and does not pull the ball. Then Castro takes it and slips before kicking. He saved Palestine.

72 & # 39; Ricaurte was there! He tried to get a balloon, but the shot went through the portico of Palestine.

70 & # 39; Get out of Gonzalez that Louis Mago's Jimenez goes down, but the ball goes through the goal of DIM.

66 & # 39; Again warn Palestine! The Arabic picture was activated again. Now Guillermo Soto finished it.

65 & # 39; Pacerini missed it! Cortes left him alone, the Argentine striker tried to get past the goalie and the ball opened a lot.

63 & # 39; DIM had it! The clear arrival of Colombian square, but Ignacio Gonzalez is good to avoid 2-1.

61 & # 39; Change in Palestine: Richard Paredes comes in exchange for Roberto Gutierrez, who can not continue because of his illness.

60 & # 39; Leo Castro returns to the final without a half-distance success. Go to Palestine

58 & # 39; Roberto Gutierrez is outraged at these times. They take the Chilean striker on a stretcher.

55 & # 39; Pastors lost it! Brajan Vedzar descended, centered back, and the Argentine striker sent the ball everywhere.

54 & # 39; A DIM angle that does not create a hazard.

51 & # 39; Test Ricaurte from a distance! The Colombian midfielder tried to surprise Gonzalez.

50 & # 39; It is played between Gutierrez and Cesar Cortes, who do not see a good result. The ball passes through the bottom row.

48 & # 39; The first approximations of the Arabs. Gutiérrez came in from the right, but DIM's defender intercepted everything.

45 & # 39; The second time started! There are no changes in any team.

Moved meeting between Deportivo Independence Medellin and Palestine, especially in recent minutes. After the goal of the Arabic picture, coffee farmers went with everything in search of equality and suppressed the game of the Chilean team. They managed to leave the duel associated with the rest after Murilo's annotation.

48 & # 39; + 3 & # 39; The first time is over! Next to Cortes' corner, the first part ends.

45 & # 39; DIM GOOOOOOOOOOOL! After a free kick, Murillo appeared and scored 1-1.

45 & # 39; A free kick made by Brayan Véjar. Good opportunity for DIM.

43 & # 39; First Yellow for Palestine. Who gets the map is Luis Mago? Jimenez.

43 & # 39; Luis Jimenez appeared to cross the Medellin goalkeeper's cross-shot and was 1-0 to Palestine !!

42 & # 39; GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL from Palestine !!!!

39 & # 39; PALOOOOO !! Palestine had it! The free kick was expelled from Cortes and only Luis Mago nodded. The ball hits the club and then the boat is out of line.

38 & # 39; A free strike for the Arabs in three courtrooms. The downside was for Luis Jimenez.

35 & # 39; He saved Palestine! German Kano had the clearest game. Take the ball in the left sector, diagonally and finish, but deviate into a Chilean player.

33 & # 39; Castro again for Medellin. Take the ball out of the area, hurry up and finish in Gonzalez's hands.

31 & # 39; Close Palestine! César Cortés's overflow, which provides the basis and protection of DIM, is cleared.

30 & # 39; Change to DIM: Enter Diego Arias by William Para.

27 & # 39; Good game of Palestine near the area. Pacerini had it, but it was not comfortable. Finally he lost the ball.

24 & # 39; Corner corner was wicked by Julián Fernández but he did not feel well. Take a goal for Medellin.

21 & # 39; Now respond to DIM. Leo Castro received the ball, feeling comfortable and kicking outside the area but the ball flies away.

19 & # 39; "Passerini! Good warning from PalestineThe attacker on the Arabian square looks at him on the back to the outskirts of the area, manages to give half a turn and he ends. It was close.

18 & # 39; The start of Ricaurte ends in the goal of goalkeeper, Ignacio González.

17 & # 39; Free shot, favorable to Medellin, in three quarters of the court. Ricaurte will be responsible for the kick.

15 & # 39; Instincts the Palestinians. The transition from right to left and the ball are finally lost by Guillermo Soto.

12 & # 39; There are still no clear chances. Immediate equality qualifies Medellín.

9 & # 39; Warn Jiménez Wizard! He kicks from the entrance of the big zone and the ball passes wide.

8 & # 39; First Palestinian associations in the middle of the field. Luis Jimenez controls the time, supported by Agustín Frias and Julian Fernandez.

5 & ​​# 39; The poor outcome of Lewis Mago and the German Cano triggered the first problems of Arab defense.

2 & # 39; The First Approach of Palestine! Roberto Gutierrez ends in the center of the area and the ball passes past her.

1 & # 39; The game started! Deportivo Independente Medellin and Palestino are already playing.

At this point, there is silence about the terrible tragedy that hit the Flamengo training center where ten young people died after the fire.

Teams are already on the pitch! Nothing remains for the start of the Copa Libertadores second stage.

Confirmed DIM training: Gonzalez: Perlaza, Urrego, Murillo, Mosquera; Palace, Angullo, Ricarete, Para; Kano, Castro.

Confirmed formation of Palestinians: I. González; Véjar, A. González, L. Mago, Soto; Cortés, Fernández, Farías, Jiménez; Passerini, Gutiérrez.

Who progresses in this key will be measured on the winner in the series between São Paulo and workshops,

Palestinian there is a difficult challenge this afternoon in Colombia, The Arab team will try to reach a Phase 3 classification Medellin and for this he must win or make 2-2 or more to qualify directly. Those of Ivo Basay they are required to score a goal.

Welcome to the DIM vs Palestine live online, valid for returning Phase 2 of Copa Libertadores which is played today on February 12 at 20.30 at Atanasio Girardo Stadium in Medellin.

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