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Direct Red Card LIVE University against U. de Concepción: with Alejandro Hochberg and German Dennis from Estadio Ester Roa Rebolledo in friendly match | VIDEO

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43. "Nayuel, once again, is terrified in the area of ​​the university.

38 & A LAS NUBES! In this latter situation, Nahuel was alert on a play coming in from the right, but the ball went wide.

32 & UFFFF! Hugo Droguett almost managed to squeeze a goal past the visitors' keeper, but the defenders lost the ball.

26 & NOOOO! German Denis, with all the bow available, fails in the first stage of the game. The Argentine defines with his left foot and the ball goes wide.

25 & # 39; Guido Nayuel, the most dangerous player in Universidad Concepcion, tried to open the score with a pirouette. The shot went.

21 & CLANC! Guido Nahuel almost broke parity with a superb right. The ball hits the crossbar. The university is preserved.

17 & UFFFFF! Jose Huentelfeff was encouraged by the powerful left-handed shot but goalkeeper Zubchuck replied.

12 TO THE SOUL! Guido Nahuel pollutes Pablo Lavandeira. Universidad Concepcion's player apologizes to the Uruguayans.

Universal Universidad Concepcion is the set that has generated more chances in Patrick Zubchuk's goal.

5 & ​​UFFFF! Gary Correa tries to send the keeper the wrong way, but its a weak effort and Enmanuel Páucar has no trouble collecting the ball. "20" was a shot at the neck.

3 Patricio Rubio broke the attack behind Nelineo Kina.

The ball is already rolling in Ester Roa Rebolledo! Universitario is measured against Universidad Concepcion in a friendly duel in Chile.


Confirmed Agreements

University: P. Zubczuck; A. Corzo, N. Quina, G. Rodriguez, J. Vasquez; A. Alfageme, E. Pucar, P. Lavandeira, G. Correa; G. Denis and A. Hohberg.


Universidad Concepcion: C. Múñoz; H. Martinez, G. Mencia, A. Camargo; P. Rubio, H. Droguett, G. Pacheco, J. Huentelaf, F. Cordero, F. Manriquez; G. Nahuel and F. Bozan.


University and University of Concepcion will be the faces this Saturday, January 26 at the municipal stadium Mayor Esther Roa Reboledo, in the last friendly match of the Chilean tour. The meeting will be held live ONLINE LIVE from Mega TV signal and streaming on Facebook. Incidents through

Nicholas Cordova, late into the night, "broke" his head to determine the eleven who will be sent today to the Estoril Roa Reboledo stadium. What is confirmed is that Patrick Zubchuk will start as a starter, what is meant is the decision to change the ownership of the rainbow between Russito and Jose Carvalho.

There would be no changes in the defense, so in the first row of the flyers. Variants will be attacked. Roberto Siuccio will leave the eleven to pass the Panama Alberto Quintero. Pablo Lavandeira looks fixed, but Gary Correa can not stand in his place.

Meanwhile, Alejandro Hochberg remains solid in the scheme as the player with creams is more destabilizing in the attack. The other option will be in position "9". Anthony Ozorio would go to the Argentinean Dennis's bench for the commencement of actions in the city of Concepcion.

The rival seems to have a higher pace, is also ready to play at Copa Libertadores and this will be the first game between the two. On February 2, El Campanil will return the visit to the Monumental de Ate para la Noche Crema.

Possible changes

University of Concepcion: Muñoz, Retamal, Mensia, Martinez, De La Fuente, Cammargo, J.
DT: F. Bozan

University of Sports: Zubczuk; Aldo Corso, Junior Morales, Guillermo Rodriguez, Yerson Vasquez; Armando Alfagame, Enmanuel Puccar, Pablo Lavandeira; Alberto Quintero, Alejandro Hochberg and Herman Dennis.
DT: N. Cordova.


Peru, Mexico, Panama, Colombia and Ecuador: 5.30 pm
United States: 17.30 (ET) / 14.30 (PT)
Honduras, Guatemala, Dominican Republic, El Salvador and Nicaragua: 16.30.
Bolivia, Paraguay, Venezuela and Puerto Rico: 18.30
Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Chile: 19.30
Spain, Italy, France, Germany and Portugal: 23.30

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