Sunday , November 29 2020

Disinformation and truth through the press

We recognize the various media that, with a certain modesty, defend the interests of their advertisers because this constant monetary income pays the salaries of their journalists and other operating costs are paid, although the desirability would be that its information is as plausible as possible whereas objectivity and freedom of expression, at least in Chile, are not practiced by the traditional paper press, which it describes itself.

The two journalist consortiums, which struggle with the readers' market for the owners and senior executives of approximately 30 economic groups, are El Mercurio and La Tercera, although the former still influence and the latter practically pluralism. There is an emerging consortium founded by Ricardo Clara, the gray bishop of the dictatorship, which publishes Diario Financier and Capital, which is trying to take something from the market to the big 2.

At a certain percentage we do not know, digital media and some radio stations have a professional attitude towards the news, which is judged in its proper dimension by educated, prepared and educated public opinion who knows how to find out the fake news such as these who like to emphasize their knowledge in English, the real, write. Open-ended television channels are more oriented towards entertainment, theater events, dance competitions, and criminal attacks on streets and therefore can not be required to observe good good journalism practices in developed countries. ,

Now, on Friday, November 23, 2018, "The President of the Constructors' Association criticized the General Commissioner and accused him of paralyzing investments," with Patricio Donoso, CCHC Commander, "is published in El Mercurio" and "confirms that the enterprise exceeds its powers and contradicts the decisions of other state bodies concerning real estate and infrastructure ". We suppose that readers who do not know the oversight role of the Office of the Inspector General of the Republic must believe that what is published in this chronicle is that, to be honest, we were only trying to destroy the work done by this public authority.

The journalist, the author of the note, says that "in recent months state ministers and businessmen have often heard public and private activities complaining about the decisions of the Inspector General of the Republic for their projects," which clearly shows that treacherous darts are directed to the face of Jorge Bermudez, the head of the administrator's office, because through observance of the law he made some administrative acts of the ministries of Minvu and the municipal works ineffective.

For example, it has been textually quoted that "… the recent opinion has influenced the development of 25 real estate projects at the Central Station of nearly $ 25 million" (sic), which is not effective. In this digital media, we have told the SJC and this newspaper that according to the information recently provided by Felipe Munshog, there are 38 residential towers measuring 30 to 40 floors, each with hundreds of small apartments. Some vertical ghettos are completed with occupied homes and others are still under construction, which must be paralyzed according to the CEO's opinion, and total investments will reach $ 1,000,000,000.

In an assault from madness shared by the business association of builders and the newspaper that was his spokesman, a proposal was made to issue a law clarifying the areas of competence of the Controller and the scope of his statements on matters of importance to the technical organizations, it is. Olympic, this fantastic duo is trying to make an exception for the real estate business, which is even funny.

The Ombudsman's Office is forced to repeal several resolutions of the ministry, the administrative and auxiliary branch of the CCHC because it was found to be illegal and the same happened in connection with the building permits, which were slightly completed by several municipalities' directorates. To fatigue and for a long time we have suggested that the most appropriate and quick way to issue building permits is legal certainty is to adhere to the relevant law, its provisions and the urban regulations contained in the Inter-communist and Community Regulatory Plans, which is quite simple We repeat this at our exhibition on 23 November in a special seminar organized by the Association of Assessors Architects.

In any case, the proposal for a frivolous business that seeks to revoke the powers of the Controller through a simple legal change is absolutely impossible, since Law No 10,336 of the Autonomous Supervisory Authority is constitutional and neither MPs nor senators with interests in real estate properties They will feel comfortable by accepting the requirement of the business association. Therefore, the Controller will continue to exercise, even if he does not like it, the legal task he needs, breaking the growing corruption in the country.

So we hope that builders always abide by sectoral laws that are advised by competent specialists when applying for building permits in municipalities because if they are well provided they will never be convicted either in the administrator's office or in the courts. Lastly, we are sure that El Mercury, a magazine this journalist usually reads every morning, will continue on the way of fine news coverage because such funds are due to the powerful, who are the ones who set the standard and have direct contact , through its sophisticated lobbyists, La Moneda and the National Congress.

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