Monday , August 2 2021

DNA, the molecular structure that revolutionized the world

Today marks the 66th anniversary of the opening of the a molecular structure that revolutionizes the world, Guess and explore DNA He has served us to live more and better. But why?

It runs on April 25, 1953, when the scientific journal is held nature published a surprise text, two scientists, Francis Crick and James Watsonhad a molecular structure in the form of a double strand, DNA.

This structure has been observed and investigated and found to be a carrier. T genetic program of every living organism. That is, we have been before a radical change in our way of seeing life, which has allowed us to achieve great progress today, even though it has been the subject of fierce disputes about the genetic selection it allows, which leads us to difficult ethical conditions.

The molecular structure that changes the world is DNA

Today, DNA has allowed us to turn the revolution of grandiose proportions into the world. For example, this helps us investigate and discover the risk that a person suffers suffer from one or more diseases according to code and genetic heritage.

In another aspect, where DNA changes the world, we find that we can find today perpetrators of crime thanks to the location of bones and even the identification of carcasses in catastrophes, even though their bodies are in a very bad condition.

In addition, we can also identify better origin of life through the study of our ancestors. This means that every time we discover the remains of the first human settlers in this world, we study, analyze and put them into their historical moment.

But the progress that detecting the molecular structure of DNA-associated DNA does not exist. A big question many parents ask is: will I really be a natural father to my son? Thanks to the tests of this molecule, we can now know it for sure and practically without error.

Not only is it a vital DNA for the human organism. For example, in the plant world, DNA allows us retain different varieties fruits, vegetables, cereals and others.

Returning to the human being, what do you think about the design of anti-aging treatment adapted to your measure according to your genetic code?

Although it looks surprising and today is almost unnoticed because it is understood as part of our world, DNA is a revolution in clinical medicine, forensic research, molecular anthropology and oncology treatment, as well as many other areas of science.

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