Thursday , July 29 2021

Do you not wait for 5G to arrive? China has planned 6G R & D | Technology

The leading cellular network operator in the world is currently introducing 5G technology. Meanwhile, Chinese researchers set targets for the next generation of wireless services, state media reported.

China is expected to officially begin research and development (R & D) of a sixth generation mobile system by 2020, according to the Securities Times newspaper on Tuesday, citing Su Xin, the leader of the 5G working group. Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

In addition to expanding the range to higher altitudes, 6G will offer transmission speeds of more than 10 times faster than 5G technology, according to Su.

The country with the largest population in the world wants to ensure that it takes advantage of the United States and other countries in the formation of high-speed networks, including in the race to introduce the 5G system.

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