Sunday , May 9 2021

Does your mobile phone work too fast or overheat? I can hack it

Does this happen constantly? Cecilia Pastorino, an Eset computer security specialist, talks about crypto-encryption.

Your mobile phone is not hurt. Many of us have problems with the battery on the mobile phone, whether it's running out too fast or overheating. Why is this happening? Well, he's probably a victim of crypto-killing.

Cryptojacking is the kidnapping of the device (whether it be a smartphone, a tablet or a computer) in mini coins. Cecilia Pastorino, an Eset computer security specialist, tells more about it.

In Latin America, Peru has the highest number of cryptotoxins detected. These miners affect web pages and make them vulnerable. "What the attacker does is to modify the site's source code to hide the client for encryption currency there, which is why it is very important that we audit the websites and correct them."

How do I know if my equipment is damaged? Pastorino commented that cryptojacking affects the use of user device resources. In the case of a computer, notebook, or tablet, what it will do is that the equipment is slow, locked without any explanation. While in the case of a mobile phone or smartphone, the battery will disappear quickly or the computer will overheat.

"Many of us believe that this is due to the failure of the same cell phone, but in most cases it is because they are mining coins, so it is very important for users to have a security tool, such as an antivirus that protects against these threats ".

He also said that we can all be victims or targets of attack, especially because today many attacks are not targeted, but they are malicious codes that go around the net waiting for someone to fall, or in the case of cryptoporeids, who works with equipment, and the team himself. "The greater the number of equipment, the greater the amount the attacker will have, this is not a threat that is directed only to people in important positions or who have relevant information."

Finally, he said that we should take care of our mobile encryption devices, the first thing to do is to have a security solution, this is the first barrier to be free from all kinds of malware nearby. To have everything up-to-date, it means there is no vulnerability in the equipment. Finally, be informed, know what the scams are spreading. Then informing helps you not to be a victim.

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