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The team, led by Diego Armando Maradona, defeated Juarez 2-0 for the first place in the Mexican semi-final for promotion to move to the first division.

Derrot from 2 to 0 by Juarez Dorados Gan and is getting closer to the growth The team led by Diego Armando Maradona defeated Juarez 2-0 for the first jump of Mexican climb to move to the first division. The team, led by Diego Armando Maradona, defeated Juarez 2-0 for the first place in the Mexican semi-final for promotion to move to the first division.

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El Dorados of the second division of Mexican football, led by Diego Maradona, took a major step towards the final of Assen MX, winning 2-0 home in the first round of the semi-final of the tournament.

"Big Fish" again showed his good physical and emotional momentum less than the champion of the regular championship, Juarez FC, who could be more defeated in the first duel of the series.

The goals of the match

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"I am pleased with the result at home, but we have to leave with the mentality to win in a round," Maradona said at a press conference after the match. "We have to force them to put more pressure," he added.

Argentina's Ten team has dropped out of their home at the very beginning. First, through the stopped ball. Argentine striker Jorge Cordoba opened the score with a head (12 ') after a corner kick.

Dorados was a little taller. However, from the result, Juarez began the attack and without making Caspar Serviso suffer more, he finished several times to goal.

But local people became strong in the counterattack. In a very fast transition game, 18-year-old Raoul Sandoval scored a 26-point goal with his left foot and it seemed that the duel would be a beat for those at the head of Maradona.

The Argentine stole the importance of the cameras to celebrate with euphoria the goals of his team. First, with a gesture to the sky, then a dance and a wide smile, always accompanied by his assistant and compatriot Louis Islas.

But the match did not have big accidents after the second goal. Dorados held the score in the appendix before a helpless Juarez who, desperately, became less clear of the offense.

The gold team could extend the score at the end of the match when Juarez attempted to play in the attack to reject a goal but was not the best night of Ecuadorian Vinicio Angullo, a figure of the Big Fish season that was inaccurate ,

"We will try to win on Saturday, as we do in all the courts, this is another finale: the one who does not want to play them remains at home, we will not hide the outcome of the first stage," Maradona said.

At the head of a former Napoli player, the Sinaloa players maintained a very positive move after arriving in Mexico in September and the balance is now eight wins, two draws and one defeat.

"I'm not (Jose) Murunyo, I'm Diego Armando Maradona, and when they see me, with the cap of Dorados, it's me, I dedicate this triumph to my family member and the people who came to court," he said . 58 years old technician. "We can lose or win, but we can not afford the dignity to know what he has done for all this," he concluded.

Any defeat for a goal will rank for Dorados until the final. The fall of a bigger difference would leave it. The necktie or the new success in the Juarez court will overtake the team of Cionanoe without any major problems.

Still, despite the fact that the chance to become Ascenso MX champion is becoming clearer, only one team per season is equal to the first division of Mexican football. The square will be determined between the champion of this semester and the next.

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