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"Dragon Ball Super: Broly" arrives on Friday and these are new developments Video Trade Television | series

There is another month to go "Dragon Ball Super: Broley"will be released in Latin America, but in Japan they will see it this week, given this release, the film is revealed on new images every day we compile in this article.

These are re-counting banners, short advances dedicated to the anime characters that remind us how many days are missing for the premiere. In some cases, these are images that have never been seen before on the tape.

Dragon Ball Super

"Dragon Ball Super: Broly" – teasers. Video: Toei Animation.

The movie "Dragon ball super"based on the original idea of ​​Akira Toryama, shows the arrival of a very strong slayer, Brolley, whose origins can be traced back to the time when Vegeta still existed.

Trailers have revealed so far that Broly will not only fight Vegeta and Goku but also Frieza. The emperor of the galaxy has plans for dragon spheres and will not allow the new enemy to enter.

Meanwhile, in Japan "Dragon ball super"She publishes her official comic, telling the story of the Space Patrol Prison, this is saga chronologically after the movie of the next premiere.

Yes it

"Dragon Ball Super: Broley"arrives in Japan's cinemas this Friday, December 14, Friday, January 10, in Peru.

Dragon Ball Super

"Dragon Ball Super: Broly" – second trailer in Latin Spanish. Video: That's it.

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