Sunday , August 1 2021

Drunken raccoons are "arrested" for causing panic in neighboring Virgina, USA. | Society

Police in Milton, a city in West Virginia (USA), ended extensive alarms from neighbors, who had reported that raccoons in the area caused panic among residents because of rabies.

The animals showed unusual behavior, worrying about all the locals. However, on Thursday, the agency reported that they did not have rabies, but that they are very drunk because they eat fermented apples.

Through their Facebook page, agents post photos of one raccoon: "This masked bandit", they wrote, "arrested with the help of local residents." "We have received calls about raccoons who allegedly suffered from rabies twice in the past two days. Apparently they seem to be drunk on apples", adding that other animals had been" captured "the previous day.

In addition, they clarified that the two raccoons were released without any damage around the forest.

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