Thursday , October 28 2021

DxOMark scores highest on Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ 5G


The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 undoubtedly attracts the eyes of many and has gained significant recognition.

Yesterday we learned that the people of DisplayMate I had registered the Galaxy Note 10+ screen as one of the best at the moment, and today we have news DxOMark You have tested the camera on this device.

Well, they didn't specifically test the Note 10+, as they tested the Galaxy Note 10+ 5G variant, which received the highest rating ever delivered, surpassing the Huawei P30 Pro itself, which was the king.

DxOMark He publishes the results of his tests on the Note 10+ 5G cameras, in particular his lone front camera and the four rear cameras, which are exactly the same as we see in the Note 10+ (normal).

Remember that at the back of the equipment we find a normal sensor, ultra wide angle, telephoto lens and a flight sensor, better known as ToF.

For this configuration, DxOMark got 118 points, while the front 10 megapixel camera had a score of 99 points, yielding a final score of 113 points, adding that the Note 10+ 5G offers excellent image quality in a fixed position while recording videos. .

Now he'll just have to wait to see how long the Galaxy Note 10+ 5G will last with the winner's crown, as there are many strong rivals in the coming months, such as the Mate 30 Pro and Google Pixel 4, as well as the iPhone 11, to surprise us.

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